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PART file extension is used by Mozilla Firefox to store partial downloads. Every time Mozilla Firefox initiates a new download it creates a file with PART file extension, which will store all downloaded information until the file is fully downloaded. Once download is complete, PART file extension will be removed from the file name and it will be ready for use.

If you have a PART file on your computer, it can mean one of the following:

  • File download is currently in progress and PART file contains information already downloaded by Mozilla Firefox. You should see PART file size growing with time in that case. Or if you go to Mozilla Firefox you should see your download in a list of current downloads.
  • File is not downloading because download process is paused. To check it go to the list of current downloads in Mozilla Firefox and look for the file in question. If it is still there you can click on the right mouse button on the file and select “Resume” from the popup menu. If file is not in the list, then Firefox will be unable to resume downloading it. You will need to start the download again.
  • File is not downloading because it is corrupted. In this case Firefox will either remove it from the list of downloads or will fail to resume the download. In this case you will need to start the download again.

If you need to restart the download due to the error with PART file and don’t remember where download originated from you can type the file name in question to the search engine and see if the file could be found (remove PART file extension from the file name because this file extension was added by Mozilla Firefox and was not part of the original file name).

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