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File with DOWNLOAD file extension usually contains an incomplete download started by Apple Safari web browser. Apple Safari adds .DOWNLOAD file extension to a file name when it starts downloading. When downloading process is done .DOWNLOAD file extension removed from the file name.

If you need to open DOWNLOAD file you need to find out what kind of information is inside it. But first try to check if you can complete the download and open a full file instead. Here we describe how to open DOWNLOAD file on Mac OS operating system. Similar instructions will work for CRDOWNLOAD, PART and PARTIAL files on Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.

Here is an example of Ubuntu installation in an incomplete download state by Safari browser.

This Safari download could be resumed by opening Safari browser and selecting View->Show Downloads in the main menu.

Click on an orange icon to resume download.

If you are unable to complete the download of a file you can try to open DOWNLOAD file. It may be possible to view what is inside it. To do it you need to remove .DOWNLOAD file extension at the end of the file name. Please note that typically .DOWNLOAD file extension is appended to the end of the file name and old file extension is still present. So all you need to do is to remove .DOWNLOAD from the end of the file name. For example if your file was name file.ext.DOWNLOAD you will need to change it to file.ext. After doing it you can try to open the renamed file and see if it works. It may cause issues because the file is only downloaded partially but still you may be able to get some useful information from it.

If above method doesn't work too then instead of trying to open DOWNLOAD file you can try to search the file in question in the place where you originally got it. If you downloaded it from the internet you can search for the file name of the file in any search engine and find it online.

Similar file extensions

  • CRDOWNLOAD file – Partial Download From Google Chrome
  • PART file - Partial Download from Mozilla Firefox
  • R00, R01, ... R0N files - RAR Partitions
  • PARTIAL file - Partial Download from Internet Explorer

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If you are not able to open file with certain file extension make sure to check if extension for the file is correct. It is possible that information in the file doesn't match file extension.

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