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When user clicks on a file download link in Google Chrome, it will create a new file with CRDOWNLOAD file extension at the end to mark the file as not completely downloaded. Google Chrome will keep CRDOWNLOAD extension on the file while it is downloaded and will remove it from the file name once download is complete and ready to use. If downloaded file is small you probably won’t even notice file with CRDOWNLOAD extension on the disk because it will be downloaded and renamed very quickly. But if download is large and take some time then the downloaded file with DOWNLOAD extension will stay on the disk until the download is complete.

Rather than keeping the original file name and concatenating CRDOWNLOAD file extension to the download, Google Chrome uses a different naming convention. Downloads are named “Unconfirmed {ID}.crdownload” where {ID} is the unique identifier of the download.

If you find a file with CRDOWNLOAD file extension in the Downloads or any other folder it means one of the following:

  • File is currently downloading, and you can find it in the Google Chrome downloads. Type chrome://downloads/ into the address bar. You will see a list of all your previous downloads and your currently downloading files. Check if you have a file in question in this list.
  • File download is paused. Type chrome://downloads/ into the address bar. In the list of downloads check if you see the download which is paused and click on the “Resume” button to resume the download.
  • File is not available in the download list on the chrome://downloads/ page. It means that download failed due to some reason or Google Chrome crashed during the download. Since Google Chrome doesn’t use original download name when creating CRDOWNLOAD file it is impossible to find out how the file was named. You will either need to find an original download URL and restart the download or try to infer what is inside the CRDOWNLOAD file by looking at it in the hex editor like Sublime Text, Notepad++, etc.

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